Class 6 – Butterflies 2015-16

Butterfly Class 10.6.16

Picture1We started our fantastic new topic ‘Pirates’, with a visit from a pirate who taught us map skills.  Have you seen our motley pirate crew in the Year 2 corridor? We have painted ourselves as pirates! We  have already learnt some amazing facts and written about a pirate’s chores during a day on board ship.

In science we carried out an investigation to see what effect exercise has on our bodies and found that our hearts beat quicker and we got very hot and sweaty. In RE we talked about whether we think Pirates were good or bad people.  This lead to a lot of very interesting discussion.  What do you think?

In maths we have been practising our estimating skills. We have looked at two 2 digit numbers  and estimated what the answer to the Pirate’s gold coin number problem might be.  We have then used a number line to find out the correct answer and looked to see if our estimate was right.

We have had a very busy first week back and are looking forward to the last few weeks of the school term.

Weekly learning objectives 13.6.16

Pirates homework grid Sum 2

Year 2 topic web Pirates