Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 6.05.16

image001This week we have been looking at the book, ‘Norman the slug with the silly shell.’

‘Norman wanted to be a snail but he needed a shell and the shell he liked most was a doughnut.’ Layla

‘We made our own Norman’s and wrote speech bubbles to describe our new shell.’ Chester

‘My Norman had a sea-shell for his shell.’ Zac

‘I like the book because I like Norman’s smile.’ Caleb

‘I enjoyed writing about my Norman’s shell in a speech bubble. I chose a plant pot for my Norman’s shell.’ Robyn

‘My favourite part of the book was when Norman had his doughnut shell on and he was playing with the snails. He was in the middle of all the other snails.’ Olivia

‘I liked all the activities with Norman because I liked that story.’ Harry

‘I liked listening to some of the story but then we had to think about what was going to happen next. I went on Silver for my ending.’ Thomas

Bafana has enjoyed answering word problems in Maths this week.

image003We have compared minibeasts in our gardens to minibeasts found in the Rainforest. Arabella found out that a Goliath Bird Eating Spider lives in the Rainforest.

‘The spider has fangs with poison on so they can kill birds, snakes, frogs, rats and mice.’ Jack