Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 29.4.16

This week in handwriting we have been practising our next join ‘ing’, ‘ring’ and ‘ung’ said Arabella and Robyn.

Nell and Ava said, “we had to write and describe about our Minibeasts” and Albie said “people had to guess what minibeast we were describing”.

Jack and Harry’s favourite part of the week was when we looked around the School field and playground to see where we could find minibeasts. Jack found a slug, Isabella found a snail, Millie saw a butterfly, Caleb found a spider, Albie found a black beetle and Layla found a worm.  Arabella said “we were trying to find out where they live”.

Jack also really enjoyed going on ‘Gold’ for putting alliteration into his minibeast decription and being able to describe what alliteration is. Luke really enjoyed being awarded Silver for his joined up writing “which was not part of the learning objective.”

In maths this week Nell and Thomas said, “We worked on halving numbers and finding quarters of numbers.”  Nell said, “We can only half even numbers”.  Zac especially enjoyed Maths when we were taking away numbers and Owen remembered that this is called ‘finding the difference’.  Layla said “we did our maths using Numicon to help us find the difference”.

In art this week we made an abstract snail in the style of Henri Matisse.