Class 6 – Butterflies 2015-16

Butterflies 13.5.16

In Year Two this week we have been very busy doing reading and maths quizzes.  We have done lots of other activities as well.

In maths we have been looking at temperature and capacity, reading scales in Celsius and milliletres.  We used thermometers in different locations around the school, from very cold in the freezer, to very hot – on our classroom windowsill.  We used different containers to measure capacity and were surprised when the tall, thin container held less that the short, fat container.

In literacy we have been thinking about alphabetical order.  We have been listing as many minibeasts as we could think of in alphabetical order and our investigations discovered some very unusual minibeasts.

For our art lesson this week we made thumb pots out of clay and stuck two thumb pots together to make minibeasts.  We are a very creative year group!

Learning objectives 16th May 2016