Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 6.5.16

This week we read the story, The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

“The bad tempered ladybird wanted to fight the good tempered ladybird but he said you’re not big enough for me, so he flew to different animals.” Said Mehdi.

“I liked the story.” Said Esme

“We did some writing on how we get mad.” Said Finley.

In Maths we have been looking at time. The children have really enjoyed learning about time.

“We’ve been telling the time.” Said Lucie.

“I’m looking at the time now. It’s 1 o’clock!” said Kara-Mae

“We have lunch at 12 o’clock.” Said Albie.

“I wrote number sentences to 100.” Said Alyssa.

“Alyssa helped me write big number sentences.” Said Finley

“We played with my minibeast puppets from home.” Said Ben M

“I made a minibeast hotel.” Said Esme.

“I looked for minibeasts at home. I found a fly, spider and slug!” said Charlie H.

“I made a minibeast home in my garden.” Said Harry.

Lots of children have enjoyed playing in the construction area this week especially with mobilo .

“I made a helicopter.” Said Christopher.

“I made a truck with Sidney.” Said Esme.

“I made an aeroplane.” Said Mehdi.

“We made a house out of duplo.” Said Isabel