Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog 5/4/16

What an amazing first week back! We absolutely love our new ‘It’s a bug’s life’ topic!

As a stunning start we had a visit from Ed the minibeast man! He had some fantastic creatures for us to look at, touch, and hold (if we were feeling brave enough!)

We are all very excited by our new topic, and have used it to inspire our learning this week.

Elsie went on a minibeast hunt with lots of her friends this week.

Lucy has been finding bugs in the outdoor area. She found a spider and a ladybird!

“A good place to look is under things” Thomas said.

Halle has been making minibeast pictures, carefully using the photos to create her drawings accurately.

Rubilyn drew a picture of a ladybird.

Jayden, and the rest of the Dragonflies created their own minibeast superhero bugs! They were so cool and had superpowers too!

We have also been exploring shapes and symmetry this week. “It means it’s the same both sides” Ruby told us.

Lots of ildren played symmetrical games, made symmetrical patterns, and creates symmetrical minibeasts this week too!

It is so much fun being back at school again and we can’t wait for another week of bugs! We also c’t wait for another week of Miss Riddington’s Disney CD as we h been dancing all week!