Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 15.04.16

Our new topic is ‘A Bug’s Life’ and we had a really exciting Stunning Start. Ed from the Mini Monsters Roadshow came to school to tell us all about some of his animals.

‘I liked holding the snail it felt a bit slimy.’ Albie

‘I liked holding the snake, it was a bit squishy.’ Laney

‘I liked holding the bearded dragon because my dad wants one and I think they are really pretty.’ Charlotte

‘Mildred the millipede had 250 legs.’ Owen

‘When I held Mildred she tickled my hand.’ Zac

‘Ed told us that millipedes make stinky juice when they get scared by the monkeys. The monkeys sometimes smell the stinky juice and put the millipede back down but sometimes they rub the stinky juice on their fur and it keeps fleas away. We all smelt Mildred to see if she was stinky.’ Robyn

‘Myrtle did make stinky juice on Ed.’ Jack

‘I liked holding the snake. It was a corn snake. It lives in the field of corn and eats mice.’ Jack

‘When I held Mildred it felt like her legs were like a brush.’ Arabella

‘I liked it when the tarantula pooed on the hall floor!’ Bafana

‘When we were looking at the tarantula Mrs Burt tickled my back to make me think there was a tarantula on me.’ Thomas

‘I liked looking at the tarantula in its box. Ed did let it walk around the hall floor but it was coming close to me.’ Taylor

‘When I held the snake it felt a bit squishy like it had beans inside it.’ Albie