Class 5 – Ladybirds 2015-16

Ladybirds Class 4.3.16

On Monday in ICT we learnt how to give instructions to Bee Bots to travel around a Treasure Island.  In maths we have been using empty number lines and Numicon to help us add two and three digits numbers together.  We also added money using this method.

In English we have been reading Katie Morag stories and Year Two got an unexpected letter from Katie Morag, but unfortunately she is not as good at writing as we are.  Mr Cook from Year 6, helped us correct her punctuation, grammar and spelling.  We have also been writing character profiles of the different people in the stories.

Thursday was World Book Day and we all dressed up as characters from the books we were reading.  We had lots of fantastic Katie Morags, cousins, mums, dads and even cats and dogs.  We had a special assembly in the afternoon, where we had to guess the teacher from their bookcase!

We also had a very secret art project this week.

Learning objectives 7th March 2016