Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week beginning 14/3/16

We have had another fantastic week this week. We having been thinking about the story called ‘The Wide Mouthed Frog’, which has allowed us to learn about some fascinating Australian animals. We have loved learning about Australia, and used Australian animals; koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, possums, and emus to inspire our learning.

Ellie-Mai, Lenny, and Ruby have drawn fabulous still life drawings of Australian animals this week. They looked carefully at the details to enable them to create fantastic artwork.

Harry C has been telling us all about countries and flags this week. He shows us the maps, points out country names and remembers their flags to help us to learn about new places too!

Harry T has been working very hard with his number work this week. he has been thinking about adding, and did some sums using the symbols + and = that we have been learning to use this week too. Harry went on silver for his fantastic hard work!

Olivia has been doing some storytelling and together we made a fantastic book which has inspired lots of children in our class.

“We have been playing in the mud kitchen acting out families” Isobel told us, talking about the games she had been playing with Lexi and Pixie. The girls loved pretending to cook, and loved pretending to join in with their family customs and routines.

We love music, so as a class we have started to create a class playlist on Miss Riddington’s Spotify app. “I love Justin Beiber” Halle said. “I like Star Wars” Thomas said. “Can we have Peanut butter?” Chloe asked. “I like the Olly Murs song Wrapped up” Elsie suggested, “HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEE” Jayden sung, asking for Adele! We are also looking forward to learning Codey’s Whip and Nae Nae dance moves which he has told us about too!

We have had another fantastic week and are looking forward to our exciting trip to the farm next week. We love animals and are excited to start thinking about different farm animals and what their babies are called, as well as thinking about the beautiful season called Spring.