Class 5 – Ladybirds 2015-16

Ladybird Class Blog 25.2.16

This week started our new topic in an exciting way – we went Island Hopping.  In Madagascar we made vanilla milkshake and African collars and masks.  In Sicily we designed and made our own pizzas and then ate them.  We also learnt about an active volcano called Mount Etna and made our own models of it.   In New Zealand we created our own fern patterns and learnt to do the Hakka, a traditional Maori dance.

We have read the book, Where The Wild Things Are, and have drawn and painted our own wild things.  We then thought of lots of fantastic adjectives to describe them.  In maths we have been doing missing number sums and lots of ‘balance’ sums, where two number sentences have to be equal.

12 + 3 = 10 + 5

18 + 2 = 10 + 10

11 + 7 = 13 + ?

Islands Homework grid

Year 2 topic web islands