Class 5 – Ladybirds 2015-16

Ladybird Class 12.2.16

What a fabulous finish to our Space Topic. Yesterday Mr Morton came to school with his Planetarium. We all had a wonderful time looking at the planets and stars and learning new facts. We were able to star gaze and recognise all the wonderful star constellations. We were also able to show off by answering lots of questions about space. Can you identify these planets?

Also this week in Year w we have been thinking about rhyming words which led us onto our writing our own rhyming couplets.

We have read the story of Clicken Chicken about e-safety. We made internet safety posters to show how to keep safe when using the computer, laptops and tablets. We learnt that you should always ask an adult before using any of these.

We have also finished our imaginary aliens by painting them in weird and wonderful ways!

We are looking forward to half term and Mrs Hayes and Mrs Buckley say we have got to get lots of sleep!!

Learning Objectives 22nd February 2016