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Year 2 Learning Objectives 25th January 2016

This week we are learning:

  • To research the life of Neil Armstrong and his expedition to the moon using different sources of evidence.
  • To recognise the features of a newspaper report.
  • To write a newspaper report on the lunar landing.
  • To solve multiplication and division sums.
  • To solve word problems involving division.
  • To count on and back in 2’s.
  • To design and make a moon buggy and then explain what went well with our work.
  • To suggest why a material might or might not be used for a specific job.
  • To measure materials to use in a model or structure.
  • To recognise what gravity is.
  • To travel on straight and zigzag pathways in gymnastics.
  • To show control and co-ordination thinking about how we would move on the moon in dance.