Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Blog 11.12.15

This week we have been rehearsing for our Christmas Performances next week. We are all excited to perform ‘The Christmas Spiders’ and hope that you will come along to watch us.

We spent a very exciting day at the Arts Centre in town on Tuesday where we went to learn about European Christmas. We took part in many different activities including making a traditional Ukranian doll to hang on the Christmas tree. We also had a surprise visit from Father Christmas who popped by to give us all a present. Thank you to everyone at the Arts Centre involved on the day, it was a really enjoyable visit.

On Wednesday Mrs Burt received an email from Father Christmas asking all of Year One for some help with a problem he was having. Mrs Burt had read us a story called the ‘Santa Trap’ about a horrible little boy called Bradley Bartleby who was setting traps at his house for Santa to fall into on Christmas Eve. Father Christmas asked us to make something he could carry on his sleigh to detect these traps so he would still be able to do his rounds. We had lots of fun making different models.

Nell – ‘Santa can have a special suit so if he touches something electric he is safe.’

Laney – ‘This will be a camera. If Santa carries it it shows if others are naughty or nice.’

Robyn – ‘A computer watches what people are doing from the camera.’

Bella – ‘I have made him some special goggles.’

Chloe – ‘This is a gun.When they squirt at him then Bradley is stuck still.’

Bafana – ‘ I’m making a camera to look and see what Bradley is doing.’