Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 13th November

We have had another busy week this week with the classroom full of spiders! We listened to the story of ‘AHH SPIDER!’ and all of the children had a go at drawing a picture and using the sounds they know to do some writing! 🙂

Dragonflies have worked really hard on learning their letters this week which has meant that by challenging ourselves, we are beginning to write words too!

The children have also been choosing some fantastic learning opportunities…

“I have been jumping through the hoop!” Alfie told us. He played with lots of children, taking it in turns to jump through a hula hoop!

“I have been playing cats with Ellie-Mai” Pixie told us.

“I played a snake game with Harry (T) and Abigail” Lucy said.

“I made a cake with Ben an Albie in the sand tray. It was strawberry and chocolate and toffee with chocolate icing!” Codey told us. (Sounds delicious!)

“I made a story with the puppets” Halle said. Halle had been playing puppet shows with lots of children, making up different stories about nocturnal animals.

“I was in the kitchen with Alfie making chocolate and vanilla and strawberry cakes” Chloe told us.

We have had a super week and have all been really challenging ourselves with week. Lucy has been our child of the week and she has done a wonderful job, being so kind and helpful to all of the children in both classes too.