Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ class blog 2.10.15

We have had a very busy week this week!

“I have been making jet packs. When I had it on I said 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 superman!” Harry Cook said.

“Playing outside. Playing with a big wooden train.” Rhyley told us.

“Playing with my brother outside at playtime.” Ellie-Mai said.

“Playing with Abigail with lots of jokes.” Alfie said giggling.

“Running around doing special jobs for Miss Riddington. Baby Ronnie was born.” Ruby has been child of the week and became a big sister all in one week!

“Running around and playing with Abigail” Lucy said.

“Drawing letters on the board.” Lenny has been doing lots and lots of writing this week.

“Playing schools with Rubilyn.” Pixie said.

“Jelly” Isobel reminded us. Lots of children loved playing with the jelly. There were lots of different colours in the jelly.

p, i, a, d, s, m, n, t, g, o, we know 10 different letters!

We have had a brilliant week!