Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 2.10.15

This week we have been learning about artists and in particular the artist called Wassily Kandinsky.

Charlotte tells us that Kandinsky painted ‘abstract paintings.’

Phoebe remembers that Kandinsky listened to music while he painted. Nell said ‘it was opera music.’

Macy said he painted using ‘shapes and colours.’

We worked together to create our own piece of art copying Kandinsky’s style.


We have also read a story about an artist. This artist was Vincent Van Gogh. He painted a picture called sunflowers. We looked at some real sunflowers and thought of adjectives to describe them.

Arabella said they were ‘sticky.’

Albie said the stalk was ‘lumpy.’

Chester noticed the petals were ‘yellow’.

Casey said the petals were ‘soft.’

This afternoon we held our cake and coffee afternoon for Macmillan and special visitor came along too. Simon Rowe from KLFM came along to support us so we helped him out with his 10,000 selfie challenge. Thanks for coming Simon and don’t forget to check the KLFM website to see your selfie too.

Here are some of ours;