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Aspirations week (week beginning 29th June)

We had a week thinking all about what we want to be when we grow up. We went on a trip, went to our new class for the day, had visits from different people and became sports stars for sports day too!

“We went to the Royal Norfolk Show” Laney told us.

“I saw the horses jumping” said Flynn.

“We went in a group and had lunch like a picnic” said Isabella.

“I saw caterpillars” said Brody. He loved going on a caterpillar hunt around the discovery tent. Some of the children planted seeds too!

“We went to see the sheep show” said Luke.

“There was a bike race” said Millie.

“I saw little pigs and cows. I told the man that cows can make cheese and milk” Robyn told us.

“At the Royal Norfolk Show I saw little chicks” Said Layla.

The children had so much fun on the Royal Norfolk Show trip and all saw so many different exciting things.

“We are learning about under the sea” Taylor added.

“A police lady, a fireman, nurses, and doctors came to visit” Said Thomas.

“The teachers danced and dressed up, it was silly” Said Chloe. She was talking about the assembly where the teachers pretended to have different jobs.

“Miss Riddington was dressed up as a space alien” Said Layla, giggling.

“We went into year 1 and Mrs Burt was our new teacher” Said Nell. “and the midwife came to visit.”

It has been such a busy week but the children have been so inspired and loved all of the different things they had to do.

“I want to be a fire girl” Said Kitty.

“I would like to be a police lady” Said Olivia.

“I would like to be an engineer, they travel the world” Said Phoebe.

“I want to be a policeman” Said Zac.

Luke has decided he wants to be a koala because they are cuddly!