Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Bumble Bees Week beginning 14.06.15

This week we read the story ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’.

“We wrote our own wishes.” said Shayna.

“I wished for a racing motorbike.” said Rhys.

We also watched a clip looking at animals under the sea.

“We wrote our own facts.” said Imogen.

“I didn’t know that some sting rays have really long tails.” said Lois.

This week in Maths we have been looking at money.

“We have been learning how much each coin is.” said Imogen.

“We have been sorting the coins.” said Sophia.

“We have been putting the coins in order.” said Tilly.

“We have been looking at how much things cost.” said Dulcie.

“We played a shop game and I bought a magic pen that came to life.” said Ryhs.

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a lady come in from the Children’s book club to read us stories.

“There was a magic book with lots of spots and it told us to do different things and on the next page it did what it said. We clapped our hands and lots of spots appeared on the next page. It was magic.” Said Macie.

“She read a pop up book to us which had lots of animals in.” said Rebecca.

“I went on gold this week with Sophia and Chloe because we were great at tidying up.” Said Shayla

“My group in PE went on silver for great teamwork!” said Imogen.

It was Miss Riddington’s and Jack’s birthday this week and they brought a cake in for us all to share!