Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies class blog Monday 11th May-Friday 15th May

This week we have been reading the story of… “The hungry caterpillar!” Said Laney.

He ate lots and lots of different foods. “Chocolate cake, lollipops, leaf” Macy.

“There was a cocoon outside” said Jack. “There was a butterfly that came out of the cocoon.” Said Millie.

Layla, Maisie, Phoebe, Albie, Jack, Nell, Chloe, Robyn, Macy, Olivia, Lyla all chose to write a letter to the caterpillar to help him remember healthy foods to eat. “The butterfly bought us some fruits” said Taylor.

We loved having a visit from the caterpillar.

We talked about British values and why we are proud to be British this week. “We have been making flags” Said Harry.

The children really enjoyed talking about countries and like looking at flags.

We have had such a fun week! Miss Riddington is not here next week as she has an exam. But we are excited to have Mrs Blogg back with us next week.

We can’t wait for the bug ball!