Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 22.5.15

Today was CARNIVAL DAY!!!

Isla and Oliver N’s favourite part of the day was making their masks, Poppy and Oscar B really enjoyed the Samba dancing, Will and Ellie enjoyed making instruments and Louie and Rinoa enjoyed making their hats.

Will and Jayden treated us all some goodies. Jayden brought us a bright colourful Carnival cake and Will made us some Rainforest coconut balls. Yummy! Thanks boys!

Earlier in the week we thought about foods grown in the Rainforests and were able to try some fruits we had not tried before. Alfie G tried most of the fruits and found that he really liked the Papaya.

Lola wasn’t sure whether she liked the pineapple or not!

Also this week, Alfie Ch has enjoyed his maths work, thinking about the meaning of the = sign and being able to find two number sentences with the same answer, and Misha has enjoyed getting creative with some Rainforest stamps to make different pictures.

Once again Mrs Burt is really impressed by all the different home learning we have been doing. Well done Caterpillars!

We are looking forward to a rest next week ready for the next busy half term ahead.