Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 1.5.15

This week we have been ‘Mad about Minibeasts’.

We read the book and all enjoyed playing a bingo game where we matched the minibeast to its description.

We have written our own descriptions can you guess what we are describing,

Lilly wrote; Sometimes it has a colourful shell.
It has patterns on it.
It leaves a trail.

Alfie G wrote; It doesn’t have any legs.
It moves slowly.
It’s wiggly and horrible

Oscar J and Oliver N have really enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt. They found slugs, spiders and ants. Louie was brave enough to pick up a spider, which then went up his sleeve! Jayden held a woodlouse, “When a woodlouse is scared it rolls into a ball but it didn’t roll up when I was holding it.” Ethan became quite attached to a centipede he found inside the pond area. “It was on my hand and I had to put my other hand out to stop it rolling up my sleeve.” Srivatsa saw a little red worm thing wriggling in the water in the pond.

Misha’s favourite part of the week has been making minibeast houses. “We put some stones in a box and the little ants will be able to crawl into the holes.”

Max has really enjoyed his minibeast maths and has been practising doubling numbers.

We have been making lots of different minibeast models for our display.

George made a caterpillar.

Next week we are going to be thinking about some larger animals and a much larger garden…………….THE RAINFORESTS!!!