Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Weekly Blog 20.3.15

During assembly this morning it went a little bit dark in the hall. This was because a partial solar eclipse was taking place, the moon was passing infront of the sun which is why it went a bit dark. Unfortunately it was cloudy outside so we were not able to see it for ourselves but of course it is very dangerous to look at the sun without special glasses anyway. Instead, we watched a live webcast and then watched a Cbeebies programme about eclipses. You can watch more programmes about the stars on this web link;

image001We have come to the end of our ‘Once upon a time’ topic this week so we finished it by reading a slightly unusual fairy tale called, ’The Runaway Pizza.’ Alfie Ch said, ‘This book is similar to the Gingerbread man but it’s a pizza instead.’

In the story, the pizza rolls past a number of fairy tale characters in the forest so we thought of many different characters it could have rolled past and wrote our own continuation and ending.

Misha wrote,

‘It ran past Cinderella, who was knitting dresses. “Stop!” she said. Cinderella, the husband and the wife all ran after the pizza. Then the pizza rolled past Rapunzel, who was trying to get down from her castle. She said, “Stop! Stop!”

Will wrote,

‘It rolled past Dopey, “Stop! I want to share you with my brothers.” It rolled past Snow White, “Stop! I want to make the dinner.” It rolled past the wolf. He jumped out to catch the pizza and ate him up. Yum!’

As a bit of a treat to celebrate the end of our topic we were able to eat some pizzas on Wednesday. We tried cheese and tomato, vegetable, ham and pineapple and pepperoni. They were delicious!

Don’t forget it is our Maths Café next Wednesday, 25th March 2pm. We will be having an Easter focus and look forward to seeing you all there!