Class 5 – Ladybirds 2014-15

Ladybird Class 27th Feb 2015

Our new topic is Once Upon A Time and we had a very exciting assembly because we had a mystery to solve! Footprints had been found in the school over half term and some mysterious items discovered. An invitation to a ball was found in Year Two which led us to investigate the story of Cinderella. In our English lessons we have been identifying features of traditional tales. We have looked at describing settings and characters and learning how to write and use speech bubbles and speech marks.

In maths we have been collecting data about our favourite fairy tale characters and stories and collating this into Carroll diagrams, block graphs and pictograms.

We drew, painted and collaged pictures of fairy tale characters for a display in the classroom.   In science we have been learning about the Food Pyramid and the five categories of food. We have learnt the importance of each type of food and how it keeps us healthy and helps us grow strong.