Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies Class Blog 6th February 2015

This week has been another busy week. We have visited the Arctic, meeting new people on the way and being joined by friends and family for our mid-week reading café.

Harry said, “I liked making my wooden necklace. I drew a picture and made a hole in it with a drill to put the string through.”

Taylor enjoyed making his marshmallow igloo biscuit. (And eating it too I hope Taylor!)


We shared a story about Immi who lives in the Arctic. She had an igloo and fished in an ice hole. One day she found a colourful wooden bird on the end of her fishing rod.

Bafana enjoyed fishing in our ice hole. He found lots of colourful things to decorate the igloo.

Also this week, the whole class were awarded silver for their writing by Mrs Blogg. Miss Davenport had her week made by the most brilliant guided reading group!

Next week we are travelling to China to learn all about Chinese New Year.

Our learning objectives will include:

  • To discuss events from other cultures and compare them to events we celebrate
  • To learn the story behind Chinese New Year
  • To sequence events from a story and retell it
  • To create number lines to 20, recognising numbers and saying one more and one less than given numbers

Don’t Forget – next Friday is our special “Frozen Celebration day”. You can come dressed as a Frozen character, as a penguin, polar bear or seal, as an Inuit or just in your favourite winter woollie!