Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Blog 13.2.15

We have been using number lines to help us add numbers this week in Maths. Abi produced some excellent work adding 10 to a number on a blank number line and Isla-Mae demonstrated that she was able to use a numbered number line to add two numbers together. Well done girls!

During the week, we read a story about a penguin called Smartie who wanted a computer for his birthday. In the story we could join in with a special song telling us to tell a grown up if something appears on our computer screen that we haven’t seen before. We then used musical instruments to accompany the song. If you want to have another look at this story go to the website

We have continued to look at the way Inuits live in the Arctic and have found out about Inukhuks (stone landmarks used by the Inuits). We have built some of our own outside in the forest area using different materials and have created some art work of them too.

We have investigated objects that float and sink. Some objects surprised us!

To end our topic we have had a Frozen Day Celebration today. We made popcorn boxes to eat our popcorn from, Frozen crowns, dressed up as different characters, made some clay models and made Olaf models. In the afternoon the whole school watched Frozen, eating popcorn in the hall and we all enjoyed joining in with the songs!!

An extra big thank you to Oscar B’s mum for baking us some delicious Frozen cupcakes for snack time and Jayden’s mum for sending in some extra popcorn. What a special day we have had!

Finally, we wanted to all say well done to Srivatsa for winning our in-school poetry competition for Year 1. Mr Rice, the head teacher from the Junior School, judged all our entries and decided Srivatsa’s poem was his favourite in Year 1 but he also said he enjoyed reading all the poems so well done to everyone.

Have a wonderful break all and we will be back with our blog on the 27th February.