Class 5 – Ladybirds 2014-15

Ladybirds Class 23.1.15

In literacy we read the story of ‘Solo’ and then we acted out scenes in our groups and had to ‘freeze frame’ for a photograph. We stuck the pictures in our books to retell the story. We made a Fact File page about Emperor Penguins by collecting facts from books, on small pieces of paper and arranging them on a big sheet.

We had a fun, messy activity making a ‘Yellow Island’ background based on Jackson Pollock’s work using cold colours. We also did squiggle pictures on the computer using Textease and on paper using felt pens to put on our display.

In science we froze different liquids to see what would freeze and what did not freeze. We were surprised the find that the brown sauce froze!

Morgan, Alfie, Lara, William, Lily R and Lily A