Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class blog 12.12.14

This week we went to Elf Academy. On Monday we all applied for different Elf jobs. Lennon applied for a present wrapping job because he thought, ‘it would be good to wrap all the presents up,’ and Alice applied for a job training the reindeer because she has been ‘training animals for years.’

We had to all have an Elf name. Kara was called ‘Cookie Sparklytoes,’ Oliver Mc was called ‘Elfie Toebells,’ Sophia was called ‘Elvis Floppyfeet’ and Mrs Watson was called ‘Tootsie Angelpants!’

Our class elf made some people Head Elves. Oscar B (Elfie Jazzyhands) was the head of the Mailroom, Kara (Cookie Sparklytoes) and David (Happy Plumpants) were heads of the Toy Making , Lola (Tinker Sweetbuns) and Alfie G (Perky Angelpants) were heads of the Present Packing and Ellie (Squeezy Toebells) and Oliver N (Elfie Peppermint) were in charge of Reindeer handling.


Here is the ‘Mailroom’ in action.


Oscar (Efie Sugarsocks) made and labelled a piece of coal for a child on the naughty list. Elfie’s face shows how disappointed he was with the child.


Some present wrapping happening under the supervision of ‘Tinker Sweetbuns’.


‘Elfie Jazzyhands’ communicating with the toy makers after reading letters to Santa. What on earth is Jolly Superplum (Mrs Burt) doing in the background???


‘Squeezy Toebells’ feeding her reindeer.

Max (Twinkle Superplum) enjoyed ‘down tools time’ because we had hot chocolate, marsh mallows and gingerbread men.

image011 image013

At the end of Elf Academy we all were given Diplomas but Oscar B was awarded a GOLD Diploma because of his organisation of the mailroom. Well done Oscar.

image015 image017

We have also been busy practising for our school play next week and we hope to see you all there. It is the Nativity with a bit of a twist!

Today we are having a Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. We never realised how many different Christmas jumpers there were. It made us all feel very happy and festive – one week to go!!

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