Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies Class Blog 6th November 2014

This week we began our new topic on Bright Sparks. We learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and had a go at making traditional Diwali celebrations.

Lots of children enjoyed having their hands decorated with Mendhi patterns. Harry designed a flower and an anchor. Millie had two hearts and dots. Charlotte really liked “my flower and dots on my fingers”.

We enjoyed making diwa lamps which Hindus use to decorate their homes and remember the story of Rami and Sita. Albie can’t wait to paint and decorate his next week.

As well as learning about Diwali we explored light and dark. Kitty, Robyn, Laney and Ava all played with torches in our dark den.

Laney said she also enjoyed “learning a new letter g” and then tried to think of lots of words beginning with g on her walk home from school.

Ava was very proud of herself “reading the cat book because I’m good at blending”. Isabella remembered making some cupcakes out of playdough after making cakes at home with her mummy.


Practise the letter sounds learnt this week: g/o/c/k and colour in the Jolly Phonics sheets. These are yours to keep and display at home or stick in the Learning Journal if you prefer.

Next week we will be learning:

  • About light and dark
  • To draw and make fireworks
  • To build bonfires
  • To count objects and sounds up to 20
  • The sounds ck / e/ r/ u
  • To write letter shapes

To recognise, match and write numerals to 10