Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Bumblebees Class Blog 20.11.14

Homework : Practice the Jolly Phonics letter sounds that we have learnt this week – u,r. Sing the songs and go on a treasure hunt to find objects beginning with the letter sound.

Learning Objectives : 24.11.14

This week we will be:

  • Learning about birthday celebrations
  • Baking some cupcakes
  • Solving problems involving addition
  • Using our phonic knowledge to write words and short phrases
  • Welcoming family members to our reading café.


Another busy week for the bumblebees!

This week we visited Tescos to find out more about fruit and vegetables.

Macie said “We went to Tescos and we got some vegetables and fruit. We tried them. I liked the pomegranate.”

Sophia, Ithalia, Cady and Oliver all tried a piece of lemon. They used these words to describe it “juicy, sour…..and disgusting!!!”

Emma and Jack found the freezer “really cold” but others found it “freezing!”

This week we have had an important visitor. The mayor came to open our outside area. Shayna said “The mayor cut the ribbon with some scissors.”

This week we took our diva lamps home and Oliver said “Last night I lighted my diva lamp. We turned the light off when we done it so we can see the little bit of light.”

We have pretended to make cakes in the homecorner and next week we plan to make real cakes and have a party!