Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies Class Blog 2nd October 2014

This week we have been playing with the new Numicon. Thomas and Maisie worked very well together to make the shapes using pegs. Albie enjoyed counting out the pegs and arranging them in different ways.

We had a visit from an African drummers and lots of us were very keen to try out drumming ourselves. Ava, Jack and Bella set up a band and Phoebe remembered it as her best part of the week. Arabella moved to silver for her excellent sense of rhythm when clapping in assembly.

Harry and Owen really enjoyed making a water slide for the cars using guttering and cars. Robyn remembered how the water made the cars “splash and go fast”.

Thomas, Flynn and Bafana have been role-playing builders for most of the week and particularly enjoyed “building a house” and “fixing the roof”.

Ava enjoyed making finger puppets of the Gruffalo characters. Indeed we have all thoroughly enjoyed learning the story and songs of The Gruffalo. The song has become a firm favourite so the lyrics are available here if you would like to sing it at home.

6.10.14 Homework

Read a nursery rhyme or simple poem. Can you learn it and recite it yourself?