Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies Class Blog 16th October 2014

We began our week with exciting vistors. Animal Experience brought snakes, tarantulas, bearded dragons and chinchillas for us to handle and look at. Casey was very brave and happily handled all the exotic animals.

Chloe wasn’t so sure about the bearded dragon but remembered enjoying “playing in the Home Corner, being a mum”.

We enjoyed sharing books together in group reading sessions. After sharing a book together, everyone chose their favourite Julia Donaldson book to share with a friend. Macy chose Monkey Puzzle to show Robyn.

Caleb tried out juggling like a circus performer from Tabby McTat but he decided “I didn’t like it. It was too hard”.

Brody had a great idea for a pupil choice activity. He decided he wanted to make a model of Tabby McTat. A large group worked really well together to build and paint the model which is now on display in the hall. Brody said “I wanted to make a cat. Tabby McTat. I put a crown and a hat on”.


Practise writing the new sounds i,n,m,d by colouring the picture, singing the song, doing the action and writing the letter shape. The sheets are yours to keep at home for reference. You could also say or write some words beginning with these sounds.

We hope to see you on Monday morning at 9:30 for our Room on the Broom Reading Café.