Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars class blog 3.10.14

This week we had a visit from Harry’s (in Crickets class) Grandad, Colin, who is a vet and a lady called Claire, who is a veterinary nurse. They brought with them a tortoise, a bearded dragon called ‘Tomato’, a guinea pig and 2 puppies called George and Honey. We were shown how a vet checks a puppy to make sure it is healthy by looking in its mouth and checking its paws and heartbeat. We also saw how George can do a special speaking trick to get a treat. They left us lots of leaflets and some treats we can use in our new roleplay corner the Vets Surgery. Thank you.

After looking at Dear Zoo last week we have written our own version and have called it Dear Farm. We have story mapped our own stories using farm animals and have then written the story.

Red Group wrote;

‘I wrote to the Farm to send me a pet,

They sent me a pig.

It was too smelly.

I sent it back.

They sent me a sheep.

It was too fluffy.

I sent it back.

They sent me a cow.

It was too big.

I sent it back.

They sent me a hen.

It was too pecky.

I sent it back. So they thought very hard and sent me a dog.

It was perfect. I kept him.’

In Maths we have worked hard on learning our number bonds to 10. Rinoa really liked a rhyme we used to try and help us memorise them and her favourite part was, ‘1 and 9 were feeling fine.’

Florence worked independently to use multilink cubes to show her number bonds. Great work Florence!!

Whereas Wesley and Will chose to work together to work out their number bonds. Super team work boys!!

At the end of the week we tried using number bonds to solve a problem. 4 farmers had a different number of sheep each and they had to separate them between their two fields.

Oscar and Srivatsa were able to pretend the cubes were sheep and recorded the different ways of having 10 sheep in 2 fields.

Mrs Burt was really impressed by Alfie and George’s problem solving skills because both boys worked together to work out the problem logically. They started with 10 + 0 and moved one sheep into the second field each time. They recorded their working like this;

10 + 0

9+ 1

8 + 2

7 + 3

6 + 4

5 + 5

4 + 6

3 + 7

2 + 8

1 + 9

0 +10

They noticed a pattern in their recording and did it all independently. Excellent learning boys!!

It has been a nice week to be outdoors again and we have been doing some gardening outside our classroom. ‘We have painted plant pots and stones to make the garden pretty,’ said Lilly.