Class 4 – Crickets 2014-15

Cricket Class blog 12.9.14

We have been learning a poem called “Anyone seen my dragon?”. We wrote our own poems about our pets. “I enjoyed writing sentences this week”, said George.

Missing: Harry by Yazen

Anyone seen my rabbit?

Clever, smooth

White and beautiful

Harry the adorable rabbit.

       Missing: bird by Ekene

     Anyone seen my bird?

     Happy, calm

     Quick, clever

     Henry the delightful bird.

Calum and Jacob made a model of “Daisy the dreadful dragon” from the original poem.


In maths we have been counting. Some of us can count more than 40 objects accurately. We played maths games

Every day we go outside to learn with Miss Claxton and Mrs Woodhouse. We are trying to build Mr Potato Head by being good.

In science we were learning the names of parts of our body. Do you know where your heel is? Calum impressed his mum and dad when he told them at the tea table!

Tommy has been Child of the Week. Harry said that Tommy is “super awesome”.

Lots of people have been on silver this week but we still are waiting for our first person to reach gold.

Mrs Diamond will be back next week – we are looking forward to welcoming her to Crickets class.