Class 1 - Dragonflies 2013-14

Dragonflies Class Blog 6th June 2014

We started the new half term with a bang this week when we held our Minibeast Ball and Picnic on Monday. All the Dragonflies looked super in their minibeast costumes including buzzing bees, ladybirds, caterpillars, beautiful butterflies and some very scary spiders! Everybody had fun playing bug party games and taking part in the special activities.

image001The Dragonflies then started their new topic on Space. On Tuesday morning we had a little debate over whether we think aliens are real or not. Oliver M thinks that, “They are real because they can breathe in space”. But Florence said, “Aliens are extinct like the dinosaurs!”

image003Later on in the week, many of the Dragonflies helped Mrs Lemmon to make a giant alien picture in the outside area showing some super teamwork!

We have also had rockets and space ships being built (both big and small) from all sorts of materials. Lennon particularly enjoyed this and said it was his favourite thing he has done this week. A whole crowd of the Dragonflies class helped Mrs Bryce to make a huge cardboard rocket, while Alfie G, Ellie and William built another from the waffle blocks with Miss Hall.

image005All sorts of facts about Space have been discovered by the dragonflies. Srivatsa found out that, “Stars can live for 1 billion years”. Kara learnt that “Jupiter has 28 moons”, and Max was excited to think that “Astronauts can really go into space”.

There have been lots of children from our class moving onto Silver. All of the Monster Inc. Literacy group moved up for their ‘Whatever Next’ storyboards, so well done to Louie, Sophia, George, William, Alfie C and Oliver N!

Poppy, Alice, Ethan and Ellie earned a silver sticker for this too – they were so careful and took their time with their writing. Misha and Florence were given a silver sticker for their free writing and reflection on their learning this morning.