Class 1 - Dragonflies 2013-14

Dragonflies Class Blog – 20.6.14

This is the last week of our Space topic in Reception and we have been thinking about the Solar System and the atmosphere in space. In our Numeracy we have been learning to add two numbers together by adding hot and cold planets. Florence remembered that Mercury is a very hot planet because it is close to the sun and Max remembered Jupiter was a cold planet as it is far away. Oscar B explained to the rest of the Dragonflies why the Earth is sometimes hot and cold. “When Earth is near the sun it is summer and it’s cold when we are nowhere near the sun”. Srivatsa found out that our galaxy is called the Milky Way, and Kara and Oliver M correctly identified that the sun, nine planets and the stars are all part of the Solar System. Jayden also added that “There is no gravity in space”. Wouldn’t it be funny to float around all the time?!

After completing their homework research questions, the Dragonflies found out lots more facts this week! Oliver N found out that, “The moon shines because it is the sun’s reflection on it” and Oliver M now knows that “When it’s night time, the sun is out in New Zealand”.

We have been quite creative this week in the Dragonflies class and most of us have made some split-pin astronauts with our own faces in the helmets! Ellie, Lilly and Sophia have also found a way of drawing some very realistic shooting stars. They used chalks to do this and smudged their star drawings to make them look like they were shooting through space.

The children who made it to silver this week were Ethan, for his spaceship design; David and Jayden for their excellent teamwork in Daily Maths and Lennon for his free writing where he listed all the hot and cold planets. Many children were put on Silver by Miss Davenport too for their hard work in phonics, so well done Alfie G, Lilly, Jayden, Lennon and Isla-Mae.

Our ‘Golden Boy’ this week was Louie! He chose to write a story about an alien that he met in a swimming pool all by himself. It was so nice to see him really determined and motivated about writing. He even showed his work to the whole school in sharing assembly.


We will be painting self-portraits on canvases to sell at the Summer Fair. We will be inviting parents/grandparents in to school to help their child paint their portrait.

Please sign up on the rota in Reception if you are able to come.