Class 2 - Bumble Bees 2013-14

Bumblebees Blog 20.06.14

This week we have seen 6 of our cocoons turn into butterflies. They are different colours including orange, black, brown and white. We have given them some oranges to eat. Did you know that butterflies smell with their antennae and taste with their feet?

Bramley has been our child of the week. He has worn a special policeman’s helmet as well as his child of the week badge!

We have been writing stories about ‘The day I met an alien….’ Fearne met a green, slimy alien and Yazen’s alien was made of playdough!

This week we have welcomed visitors from the pre-school and we have had fun playing together in the Forest Area. These children will be starting in Reception in September. We all felt very grown up!