Class 2 - Bumble Bees 2013-14

Bumblebees Blog 13.06.14

Lots of fun has been had by all in the bumblebees class this week. We have continued our research about space and have come up with many interesting questions for finding out about space this week.

We have all enjoyed the story of ‘Aliens love underpants’ and have counted pants on the line, worked out pants maths problems and even worn pants on our heads!! Lots of thoughts about aliens and whether or not they are real and what we would say and do if we saw an alien! We have also read the story ‘But Martin’ and have written sentences to retell the story in our own words.

We have all enjoyed the sunny weather this week. Don’t forget your water bottles and sunhats so that we can play and learn safely in the sun. In the forest area we have been busy counting moon steps from planet to planet and adding them up to find totals. We have also made several rockets for our space adventures.

And finally, we are very excited to report that our caterpillars have now turned into cocoons and we have pinned them into the butterfly net and eagerly await their transformation into butterflies. Watch this space…