Class 3 - Caterpillars 2013-14

Caterpillars Class Blog 2.5.14

This week we have been writing colour poems using our 5 senses. We planned our poems by listing all the different things we could think of that were the same colour, then we thought about which ones we could feel, smell, hear, taste and touch. Here are some of the finished products.

‘Grey’ by Tom

Grey looks like a castle on a lost island.

Grey smells like mouldy bread being fed to the ducks.

Grey sounds like a pencil writing.

Grey tastes like mushrooms bought from the supermarket.

Grey feels like metal on your bed.

‘Green’ by Diego

Green looks like grass in a garden.

Green smells like broccoli in my house.

Green sounds like leaves in my garden.

Green tastes like an apple in my kitchen.

Green feels like a ball in my garden.



‘Blue’ by Poppy

Blue looks like smelly socks under the bed.

Blue smells like a football top.

Blue sounds like a boy crying.

Blue tastes like berries in your tummy.

Blue feels like a rock.


‘Yellow’ by Mataya

Yellow looks like a twinkly star in the twinkly night sky.

Yellow smells like vinegary chips in the chip shop.

Yellow sounds like people laughing on the beach.

Yellow tastes like a banana in the shop.

Yellow feels like a glittering crown on the queen’s head.


We have been looking at ordering numbers in Maths and thinking about which ones are odd and which are even.

We have started our topic work by learning all about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. We have also looked at Motte and Bailey castles as these were the first castles William the Conqueror built.

We enjoyed looking at the work of artist Paul Klee, particularly his piece entitled ‘Castle and Sun’. We used 2D shapes to produce our own version and used watercolours to fill them in.