Class 3 - Caterpillars 2013-14

Caterpillars Class Blog 16.5.12

At the beginning of the week we were learning how to partition numbers into tens and units in our Maths.

Ferne enjoyed using the arrow cards to help with her partitioning work while Poppy liked using the base 10 equipment.

Towards the end of the week in our maths we have enjoyed learning how to double and halve numbers. All of us particularly enjoyed playing the doubling and halving game on Friday.

In our Literacy this week we have been looking at leaflets and their features. We have designed and created our own poster leaflets for an imaginary medieval event in the castle we have in our classroom.

Ben enjoyed taking part in the brainstorming discussion we had to create facts for our poster.

Emmie said she liked making her poster on Friday.

As part of our topic work we have been looking at the different jobs in medieval times.

Kyle said: “I would have liked to have been a servant because I’d like to look after people.”

Billy said “I want to be a knight because you get to have a horse!”

Caleb, Charlie, Poppy and Kyle made a Great Hall of a Castle keep out of Duplo. The people inside were at a Royal Banquet.

We have also been planting vegetables in our school garden, thinking about what may have been grown in a Castle garden. A big thank you to Erin’s (Cricket’s class) mummy and daddy for donating them to us!

This week we had someone new join our class. A huge welcome to Erin! We hope you like being with the Caterpillars.

Morgan celebrated her birthday this week. Happy Birthday!!

Caterpillars think we have had a great week, and have enjoyed having Miss Greensmith back and teaching us!